Who we are!

Who is Culture HF ??

Culture HF is a Gym that offers its own unique style and is programmed in such a way you will not only get an awesome workout in, you'll get great results!

We like to lift Barbells, Dumbbells, Kettlebells and any form of weight and we LOVE to superset!!

We also do a lot of Cardio, Running, Riding, Rowing and Skiing!

We love our body weight movements too!

What we like to do is give our members a good mix of everything!!! 

They get strong . They get fit . They drop Kg’s. They become the best version of themselves !!!

Whilst doing all of this, they are surrounded by the most supportive trainers and community of like minded people!!!

It becomes the best hour of their day and at the same time, they make some AMAZING friend